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Abortion Surgery in Singapore

In Singapore, the price ranges are as follows

  • 1. Parental Consent

    In Singapore no parental consent is needed for abortion surgery , even if you are less than 16 years of age (but above 14 years of age). However, you need to be above 16 years of age before an abortion can be performed with just your consent alone. There is no need to involve any other relatives.

  • 2. Abortion Surgery on the First Visit

    Singapore does not allow abortions to be performed on the same day unless you are already in the process of suffering a miscarriage. A cooling period of 48 hours is mandatory after the first consultation where you will be given a video link to watch which highlights the procedural details, potential side effects, contraception and other options available.

  • 3. Is Hospitalization Required

    If the abortion surgery is performed in an accredited abortion clinic and abortion surgeon, you will not need to be hospitalized.

  • 4. Abortion Pill

    Abortion with pills may be considered in selectgroup of patients. However, medical abortion is typically associated with a longer period of bleeding and increased blood loss. It can also be a painful process. Hence its use is only recommended in select group of patients. Common side effects include bleeding, cramps, nausea, diarrhea, headaches, pain and risk of incomplete abortion. The latter may require further surgical procedures to empty the womb content.

  • 5. Abortion Complication

    Abortion / evacuation of uterus is generally a very safe procedure. The risks of complications are usually < 1-2% if done under good conditions and by a trained surgeon.

    Possible short-term effects include

    • Incomplete Evacuation of the Womb
    • Pelvic Infection. The risk can be significantly reduced with pre-procedure antibiotics.
    • Menstrual-like cramps which may last for a day or two.
    • Puncture of the uterus

    Possible long-term complications include

    • Emotional and psychological trauma (regret over decision)

    It is important to speak with an experienced and qualified abortion surgeon who can provide in-depth discussion and unbiased counselling.

  • 6. Abortion & Infertility

    This is possible but rare, and is usually caused when the woman is already harboring a Chlamydia infection prior to the abortion procedure. Inflammation of the Fallopian tubes and ovaries caused by the Chlamydia organism is the most common cause of infertility following an abortion. Use of antibiotics before the procedure will reduce this risk significantly. Avoidance of sexual intercourse for about 2 weeks after an abortion will also reduce your risk. If you have concerns about STD infection, you may have a thorough screening for such infections before having the procedure performed.

  • 7. Authorised Abortion Centre

    In Singapore, only an accredited abortion surgeon is allowed to perform surgeries in the premise. Do check if the clinic that you are visiting is an accredited abortion centre by the Ministry of Health.

  • 8. Abortion Confidentiality

    The entire process of consultation and abortion surgery is kept strictly confidential, and no third parties will know about your abortion. This includes parents, companies and employers. No medical information will be released without your prior approval and consent.

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