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Abortion Costs

The cost of abortion at our abortion centre depends on the stage of pregnancy.

The estimated fees may start from $1600 +, depending on the stage of the pregnancy.

The fees INCLUDES consultation, abortion counseling, ultrasound scan, medications, sedation fees, procedural fees, follow up visit post procedure and review ultrasound scan.

Medisave claims of $900 - 1050 may be used to offset the above fees, depending on the gestation of pregnancy. Marriage certificate will need to be shown if you are using your spouse's medisave. Birth certificate will need to be shown if you are using your parents' medisave.

Abortion for Foreigners

Abortions cannot be performed for foreigners who come into Singapore on a two week Social or Tourist Pass unless it is a medical emergency. The abortion procedure can only be performed for those who have stayed in Singapore more than 4 months and the following documents may be required

  • Passport with the date of the entry into Singapore
  • Student Pass
  • Dependant's Pass

For foreigners who come into Singapore for less than 4 months and happen to suffer from a spontaneous miscarriage, an abortion can be performed as an emergency procedure.

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