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Caring for Yourself After an Abortion

Caretips After Abortion

Caring for Yourself After an Abortion

Post-abortion care is essential not only for a full, proper recovery, but also to ensure the overall physical and mental health of the patient.

After a surgical abortion, it is normal for a woman to feel emotional and tired from the effects of anaesthesia. Other common side effects include bleeding, cramping, passing of blood clots and swollen breasts. If these do not subside within a few weeks, you should immediately seek the attention of an accredited abortion doctor.

As with all operations, when you go for a surgical abortion, you are exposed to certain risks. However, when performed by an experienced abortion doctor at an accredited abortion clinic in Singapore, the risks are reduced significantly.

Recovery Care Tips

Following the abortion, you can speed up your recovery with these tips:

  • Rest as much as possible. It is not unusual for a woman to go back to work the day after an abortion, but it’s best to take time to rest for the body to heal well.
  • Refrain from having vaginal sex, or inserting anything into the vagina for 1 to 2 weeks after the procedure.
  • Refrain from physical activities and exercises that involve heavy lifting for 2 weeks after an abortion.
  • Take medication such as pain relievers and antibiotics as prescribed by the abortion doctor.
  • Observe your temperature daily and check for fever and chills, which may indicate an infection.
  • Attend follow-up checkups in the abortion clinic.

Seeking Medical Care

Follow-up reviews a few weeks after an abortion are necessary to ensure that the abortion procedure was completed and that the patient is recovering properly. During such appointments, your abortion doctor will examine whether you are showing any abnormal symptoms and provide the appropriate treatment. If there are no complications, no additional medical care is required.

Managing Emotional Distress

The emotional response after an abortion varies from woman to woman. Some may experience feelings of relief or happiness, while others may feel guilt, regret, shame and sadness.

In the case of the latter, it is important for the woman who is experiencing emotional trauma to have a strong support system. Apart from friends and family, you are also recommended to approach your trusted doctor for professional advice and counselling.

Similarly, the recovery time for an abortion also varies for different women. Some return to work immediately and/or regular activities after a day or two, while others may need more time to heal and recover.

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