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Abortion & Fertility

Abortion Cause Complications for Future Pregnancies

Does Abortion Cause Complications for Future Pregnancies?

One of the popular myths of abortion is that it can affect a woman’s fertility.

Abortions that are not performed in a safe and legal way, for example by un-accredited personnel and unsanitary clinics, can increase the risks of infections and complications that damage the reproductive organs and hinder future pregnancies. Having multiple abortions within a short period of time is also not recommended.

However, if an abortion procedure is performed by an experienced, accredited abortion doctor in a safe medical setting, the risks of resulting complications and infertility is very low.

How Soon After an Abortion Can You Get Pregnant?

Patients are recommended to abstain from sexual intercourse in the first 2 weeks following an abortion procedure. This is to prevent any possible inflammation and reduce infertility risks.

Ovulation cycles can resume as early as 2 weeks following an abortion. It is possible for women with shorter cycles to start ovulating much sooner. With this, a woman can actually become pregnant soon after an abortion.

However, bear in mind that pregnancy doesn’t only depend on a woman’s ovulation cycle. Other factors – which may naturally occur over time – are also important determining factors, such as:

  • Age – The quality and quantity of eggs decrease as the woman ages.
  • Lifestyle – Smoking and obesity can affect fertility.
  • Medical History – Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), hormonal imbalance, ovulation disorders and chronic illnesses like diabetes can decrease pregnancy chances.
  • Anatomical Issues – Problems like damaged or missing fallopian tubes, pelvic inflammatory disease and other reproductive disorders

In summary, an abortion should only be done by a qualified abortion doctor and within the confines of an accredited abortion clinic. This guarantees that the evacuation of pregnancy tissues will be complete, and that the overall health and fertility of the patient are safely taken care of.

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